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Welcome to Seajay Safety and Training:            Health and Safety Consultancy

Seajay Safety & Training was founded on, and continues to provide excellence in service, underpinned by a strong emphasis on core values that permeates all relationships - our clients, our markets and our people. The company’s success to date has been achieved through understanding our clients’ needs and continuously exceeding their expectations.
We have over 20 years’ experience, initially as a training provider and later as a consultant, across a diverse range of industry sectors including:
  • Security,
  • Financial institutions, 
  • Retail,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Light industry,
  • Construction,
  • MHE installation,
  • Decommissioning and deconstruction. 
Recent and Current achievements :
  • We were recently Engaged as Consultant Health and Safety advisors to the Principal Contractor for the duration of a  project to construct a 22,657m2 extension to an existing 26,330m2  cargo distribution hub at a UK international airport. The project includied  the internal construction of a 6,427 m2 office area to link with the existing 9,177m2 office complex based and refurbishment of the existing building. The project was completed in Jun 2017. There were over 415,000 hours worked over a 2-year period with up to 115 contractors on site each day The project was completed with no serious incidents or RIDDOR reported accidents.


  • We are currently engaged as Health and Safety consultants to a number of clients in various fields, our largest current project is  a complex MHE installation, commissioning and decommissioning project.  


  • We have conducted a number of full investigations  of adverse events on behalf of clients, in all cases using the 5 whys, the causes were identified and remedial actions recommended to prevent reoccurrence.  All facts were then reported to the relevant parties. and to date no further actions have been taken.


What can we do for you?
As employer you have a moral, legal and financial responsibility to manage the health and safety of your workplace. Hazards must be identified, risks must be managed

Seajay Safety and Training can help you with this.

We can provide you with cost effective and expert health and safety advice and support. We can help you  comply with Health and Safety legislation, reduce the losses that occur as a consequence of an accident or incident or breach of legislation.

Losses such as:

  • loss of income,
  • production
  • reputation
  • and claims  arising from injuries or illness caused.

​​At the same time as demonstrating your commitment to your employees, to your customers and to your competitors.


In the UK there are serious legal consequences for breaching health and safety law. Here at Seajay Safety and Training, we believe that no one should suffer these consequences and so we will guide you through some of the challenges  you may face. 

Whether it be writing or reviewing your Health Safety and Environmental Policies, writing or reviewing risk assessments and method statements and safe systems of work. Site visits and Health and Safety Audits
Appoint Seajay  Safety and Training  as your consultant Health and Safety  advisor, it will be our Key Safety Duty & Responsibility to:
  • Drive continuous improvement and operational effectiveness of   CDM plans, procedures and health safety environment and welfare management systems to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • For Principal Contractors, write detailed construction phase plans which comply with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).


  • Conduct inspections and incident / accident investigations and ensure that corrective actions are adequate,  ensure that reports are implemented according to procedures and liaise with external  bodies as appropriate.


  • Conduct site safety reviews, guidance, assistance and advice to ‘Grass Roots’ level employees through interpretation of safety practices , procedures and current legislation and regulations.


  • Design and implement Health and Safety Management systems and ensure they are aligned with the your scope of work and activities.


  • Continually identify and assess threats/hazards that pose a risk to the operation of the organisation, whilst advising on mitigation measures at strategic, tactical and operational levels.


  • Participate and actively contribute to the development and maintenance of policies, documents, organisational procedures, operational goals and targets related to HSE programs.


  • Devise risk assessment formats to ensure that standards and legal requirements are consistent with the international & national standards and requirements.


  • Develop the strategic, tactical, and technical skills of personnel. Drive and support comprehensive training programs to ensure  continuous improvement of safety.


  • Take appropriate and robust action for any failings and non-compliance with regulations, legislation and company standards and expectations.


  • Carrying out site surveys and audits to improve site safety and company performance.


  • Chair health and safety meetings with the client, and contractors on regular basis.


Our Key Training Duties & Responsibilities are to:


  • Design and deliver safety training programs for you. Ensure response to all specific requirements and maintain knowledge of current legislation, regulations and all company safety programs to increase health safety and environmental awareness for the your  ‘Zero Accident Culture’.


  • Work with all levels of management and staff with a focus on behavioural safety.  Adding to an ongoing improved risk averse culture.


  • Identify and carry out various training and development needs analysis with regard to Health and Safety and provide regular consultation with managers.


  • Ensure consistency of training documentation across all disciplines and update and maintain training matrix reports.





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Accidents while Working at Height are among the greatest causes of serious injury and death in the work place in the UK. We recommend that your workers view this video:


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