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June  2016: Morning Chris! A little bit of a thank you coming your way...! You may not be aware but Elizabeth from Cycle Seahaven was airlifted to hospital by the Coastguard yesterday whilst on the weekly Sunday morning ride. I was with her when she came off her bike and if it wasn't for the fact that I'd been on one of your superb courses back at the end of 2014... the outcome may not have been so 'successful'. Like I say, I know that you weren't there in person but you were buzzing around in my head for a good hour whilst dealing with the situation. What you teach and the way you get the message across is invaluable. So... on this wet Monday morning, you should feel rather proud of yourself and on both mine and Elizabeth's behalf (as I'm sure she wouldn't mind me saying so whilst she lies in Brighton Intensive Care Unit with several broken bones including those in her back), we'd like to thank you for all that you taught me as it really does work! Thanks Chris! John.


"Outdoor First Aid Course.

1+2 September 2014


  • Make it a 3 day course possibly, great course well run.
  • I feel the course could be enhanced, (but content not improved!) by an additional day to practice more scenarios in the outdoor environment. It was a superb 2 days, but as my confidence improved massively when outside so more time would only improve my skills.
  • Very Good course, repetition of key procedures really good to drum it in. Outdoor scenarios really good. A huge amount to cram in to 2 days. would be good to have a third day with more outdoors but understand if statutary 2 days then wont happen.
7+8 September
  • Very Good. Instructor had a lot of knowledge and shared experience, adapted to experience / background of the group.
  • I was pleased with the limited use of Powerpoint presentation. a good quantity of practical scenarios could try to be outdoors more?? Great experience , Thanks very much!!
  • Excellent training, feel more confident in giving first aid, scenarios were well thought out and reallistic.
  • Chris was a very good course leader. Lots of knowledge and good interaction with students , just a couple of things would make for a better course, 1 more outside time to practice, 2 less powerpoint control.
4 + 5 October 2014
  • The course exceeded my expectations and Chris is an excellent trainer.




 7+8 October 2014 :


  •  Excellent Training. Particularly enjoyed the biological explanations behind particular illnesses or injuries helping me to understand how and why I would react / treat. Tailored the course to my specific training needs. Especially enjoyed the outdoor scenarios could have done more. Overall an excellent qualification that fully met - exceeded my needs/ expectations. Will recommend!


5+6 Mar15

  • Best First aid course Iv been on by mile.
  • I thought the outdoor scenarios put everything into context and made good practice for us. The constant practice of DRABC was good so its ingrained in my head! I thought that the course was fab!! Good to know how to improvise with resources available in a realistic situation , Thank you!
  • Im surprised at how much I managed to learn in two days very interesting and respectable instructor with a very interesting background. Great use of the outside space for creating scenarios. Not repetitive but enough for info to stick, very full and informative, slightly tiring but great!
  • Of the many first aid courses I have done, this was far and away the best. Chris was clear, knowledgeable and confident. Very impressed.



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